I collect postcards. I’m not a bona fide deltiologist (one who collects and studies postcards) and my collection is nothing to write home about — unless, of course, you’re writing on the back of a postcard.

Postcards force brevity. I wondered: “What if I limit my songs to 100 words? Are they still stories?”

You be the judge. Each of these songs has exactly 100 words. Think of them as postcards I wrote at my kitchen table.

I want to thank Don Arney of Quantum Productions for making my very rough home recordings sound better. His abilities are unmatched and invaluable.

(And the above explanation took 100 words….)


Image: Library of Congress

1. dollar store
2. Blanche
3. Leaving Joliet
4. Oh! Sultana
5. West Terre Haute Blues
6. Mitchell, SD

All songs © 2020 by David Hanners
Recorded November 2020